FS: iLife 04 Retail Install DVD

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This is the retail installation DVD for Apple's iLife 04 suite of A/V software which includes iTunes 4.2, iPhoto 4, iMovie 4, iDVD 4, and the first version of Garage Band. It's for PowerPC CPU Macintosh computers, and was released in 2004. You can find the minimum requirements for each of the programs online, but iDVD 4 is the most processor intensive program in the bunch and really won't work on anything slower than a 800 Mhz machine (and even then it's too sluggish). Shipping is $1.50 within the USA by USPS. I will ship outside of the USA for the actual cost of shipping plus $5 for my time to fill out the customs paperwork, etc. If you're in San Diego, California you can make arrangements to pick it up, pay cash, and save the shipping.