Help with External disk drives with apple IIe LC card in a LC 575.

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Hello all,

I have a LC575 which i have installed a Apple IIe PDS LC card. I replaced all the caps on the LC motherboard. I have also replaced the caps on the IIe LC card as well. They were leaking badly.
I have the card working. I can use adtpro and make new floppies using the 575's internal floppy.

BUT i can't get any 5.25 external drives working with it. I have i think slot6? setup with the 5.25 floppy icon. So i presume thats correct. The floppy is the correct model to work with the IIe card. But the led doesn't even light up or do anything.

The drive doesn't come up in ADTPRO eigher. I'm trying to re-create some 5.25 floppies.

Anyone have any ideas why this isn't working? could the Y cable be faulty??