Help Identifying Vintage Apple Computer Poster? // c1981 UK Advertising? //

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Hi Everyone! First time poster here. I was reffered to this forum by someone who said it may help me in identifying a vintage Apple Computers poster I came across in my ongoing picker quest for flipping fodder. So lets just cut to the chase.. I came across this last week:

NOT FOUND: attached_image_#

Doing a bit of a search on it, I only found one other instance of this same poster, on FLICKR, which pointed it out to be from the UK as a Advertising poster. I also came across a old eBay listing for a similar poster, but with little additional information.

As I said, I buy to flip, but I have no information on this item and its rarity/potential worth/collectablility

My apologies of this is not posted in the correct subforum, if so feel free to move it to the appropriate one.

Anyone know anything about it?

Thanks! Laughing out loud


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Re: Help Identifying Vintage Apple Computer Poster? // c1981 ...


This is the first time I have ever seen this poster.

Steven Smile


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Re: Help Identifying Vintage Apple Computer Poster? // c1981 ...

I have a couple of these posters. They were used worldwide - I've seen them for sale from eBay sellers in the US, UK and Australia. Are they rare? I suppose... they are hard to come by as most collectors are hoarding them.