Help with the Mac Plus, Radius accelerators and FPD monitors

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OK- so I'm about to grab myself a Plus with an installed Radius Accelerator 16. Excited as I've always wanted to have the chance to dig about with accelerator cards, they've intrigued me for too long.

Now, I know there exists a FPD display card for the plus and the monitor itself. Getting them is not the question, but rather installing them.
Is there a proper FPD card I should be looking for or just any FPD Plus card?
How is it installed to the Radius Accelerator?
Where does the video out port go?
How much is each part worth on average? (Radius 16, FPD card, FPD monitor?)

Also, I read online in an old email (very old) that there has to do with some ROM conflicts with running both the accelerator and the video card at the same time. Any info on that too?
Best would be if someone has a functional setup, if they could post some pics. Thanks!

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Re: Help with the Mac Plus, Radius accelerators and FPD monitors

I'm not familiar with the specific accelerator you're asking about, but my recollection is that generally, these sorts of accelerators would snap onto the processor.



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Re: Help with the Mac Plus, Radius accelerators and FPD monitors

Congrats on the Radius Plus, wouldn't mind having one myself. I'd love to see some pics when you get it.

I have a Radius FPD card in the box with instructions if you want me to scan them. I also have the Radius display that I think goes with this card. I just haven't put it all together in my Plus yet. But like you I actively sought them out once I saw them paired together on Computer Chronicles. It would be quite a lot of fun to have the system up and working. I believe the video out port is going to be a case mod. The only time I've seen them is with some case modification.