help me make a boot floppy or boot CD (7.5.3)

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Hi folks...

I bought a external SCSI CD drive/burner for my Color Classic. It is made by Sun Microsystems. It came with an adaptor and cable so I can plug it into my Color Classic. I have been able to boot my Color Classic and I have a Mac CD that I can drop into this external SCSI optical drive. I can see the CD on my desktop. I can open it, and I believe install software onto my Color Classic from this disk. I am running 7.5.3 and can upgrade to 7.5.5 if I want to.

The external Sun CD drive/burner is model # GWV611T (PN: 599-2147-01). I have been unable to find any literature for it. I bought it used, cheap, but it seems to run just fine.

My thought was to burn a floppy or a CD-R as a boot disk that would boot to a Mac OS - version 7 something. But also on this CD-R (or floppy) would be non apple software that would let me partition and init a SCSI to CF card. I bought this CF AztecMonster CF-3.5inc. SCSI Converter Card:

With postage from Japan it cost $125.00. I bought a 4GB SanDisk CF card on Amazon for $11.00

It bolts perfect to my Color Classic plastic sled that my SCSI hard drive is on. I have swapped some email with Manabu Sakai in Japan (the fellow who built this card), and he directed me to some non apple software that he says will format and init any CF card. As my CC is taken apart now and the floppy (with this partition software on it) has no name on the floppy other then "Driver", and I forgot to write down the name of the software, I can't tell you the name of it until I can read the disk. If it is legal to give it away I am happy to give it away free to anyone here who might want it. Manabu believes it is the best software to use for this, as well as other format and init applications for Macs.

I searched the web looking for directions on how to burn a boot floppy or a boot CD using a version of OS 7. I could not find any directions.

Maybe someone here knows of a web site I can go to read up on how to do this? Sorry to ask such a remedial question. But I have no literature and searching the web, I come up with some sites that work, but did not tell me how to do this. But most others web sites are dead links.

I like this card from many reasons. One is that a CF card draws far less current than a SCSI hard drive will. So, the power supply in my color classic will have less demands on it. I am having my analog board re caped and my color classic II logic board has been recapped. I suspect my power supply is just fine, but still, I do not have to over work it now.

The other thing I like is not having a 120F heater in my color classic any more. At rest, but with the platters still spinning, my SCSI HD can stay at around 100F. And when I work it, I am sure the temps go up. If I roll this CF card in, I will not have the heat build up in my color classic. Everything will be much cooler. I like that.

I suspect that all other things being equal, this CF card will boot and run much faster than any SCSI hard drive ever could.

I bought a 4GB CF card. I would like to format the card into two partitions, and give my color classic two, 2GB of storage space.

I just read about a SanDisk CF card called a SanDisk extream Pro. The smallest is 16GBs:

Here is SanDisk's data sheet on it:

This CF card has a lifetime warrenty. So I suspect it has a longer read/write ability. I am sure I will be dead before it gives out.

Is any one here running this CF card, or maybe a SCSI to micro SD card? How do you like it?

Any links or directiosn on how to make a boot floppy or a boot CD-r with my extra partition/init software on it would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: help me make a boot floppy or boot CD (7.5.3)

Back in the day, I used a modified version of Apple's HD SC Setup utility to format non-Apple drives. If memory serves, it was a simple tweak with ResEdit. You could make a System 7 Disk Tools floppy (which won't boot the whole OS, but will load enough for HD SC Setup to run), format the CF card in the adapter, then boot from a normal System 7.5 install CD.


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Re: help me make a boot floppy or boot CD (7.5.3)

Ah..OK. I will look into that and see what I come up with.

My other option is to make a normal boot floppy (or a boot CD) and then also install the utility I had on the boot floppy or CD.

Can anyone here point me to a link on the web that tells you how to make a boot floppy or a boot CD?

I have a SCSI hard drive that I can use to boot the color classic. I just do not know how to make a boot floppy or boot CD from that point forward.