Help with Modem MGR Apple ][+

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I recently got my Apple ][+ working again and have been trying to install a compatible modem software so I could dial into my own linux server. So far I have gone with Modem MGR for it's compatibility. I was able to successfully install the settings to have it boot in 80 column mode and get to the menu. Unfortunately one of the menu items is missing. From watching videos of other people doing the same thing they use ":" to enable VT100 emulation. I don't have this option on my menu and I was wondering if I didn't have the right version of the software.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will upload the disk images I am using.

MMGRINST.nib227.5 KB
MMGRUTIL.nib227.5 KB
MMGRWORK.nib227.5 KB

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Re: Help with Modem MGR Apple ][+

I'm not using this... but I found the software here:

Maybe you can check this out.

Have fun...


Kind regards from Berlin (Germany)
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Re: Help with Modem MGR Apple ][+

Thank you so much.

It turns out only the ProDOS version of the software had the feature and I was using the DOS version.
I was able to get everything working, including using my Apple ][+ as a terminal for my linux machine!