Hmm... I just discover this Forum... Robotics, one of my "other interests"

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I haven't played with the Lego Robotics systems, either the older Dacta TC or the newer NXT.

But I have a large collection of Vex Robotics, what are now called the Vex EDR Kits. It's basically an Erector Set ( or Meccano Set ) meets a Microcontroller.

Has anyone worked with the Fischertechnik sets of 25-30 years ago?? They were quite expensive, but I was interested in them back then. I remember an Apple ][ Interface and the Wikipedia page has a picture of the Commodore C64 Interface with a C64.


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Re: Hmm... I just discover this Forum... Robotics, one of ...

Other than the Mindstorms stuff my son and I used to play with a few years back, my only experience with Apples and Robotics is This Set I picked up a year and a half ago.