How to program the Mockingboard and Phasor?

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Hello all.

I am looking to design a Mockingboard clone. I've built one using legacy parts on a breadboard and connected it to my IIe.

All of the designs I see use an inverter on pin A7 (IIRC). This inverter selects either AY-3-8912 (two of them).

But it looks like the Phasor had FOUR AY chips. But I can't seem to find any schematics on how the Phasor was built.

My idea is to build a soundcard that is Mockingboard compatible but also have support for multiple sound chips. In fact, the microcontroller I plan to use (Propeller by Parallax) has perfect AY-3-8910 emulation (and others). So I'm thinking I could get 4-6 AY chips on one board.

But I'd like to be as compatible with legacy software as possible.

Any information on programming the Phasor schematics, programming it, etc?

Oh, I do have the official Phasor manual but it doesn't help with the design.


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Re: How to program the Mockingboard and Phasor?

hello cbmeeks,

AE never published any kind of shematics of any card from AE.
For the Mocking board there are images of the developement disks containing
open code for programming of the Mockingboard ( including examples ).
Some disks for the Phasor contain readable code for the card.

besides just a remark to similar development:

sincerely speedyG


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Re: How to program the Mockingboard and Phasor?

The manual for the Phasor has some programming ideas for third party people.

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Re: How to program the Mockingboard and Phasor?


I have a PDF copy of the AE Phasor Manual.
Please PM me with your email address and
I will shoot you a file copy.

Steven Smile


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