I have experiment problem

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does anyone know how to use 30pin switch to apple II gs?? I have read some articles. but I can't find it. so ask everyone.thx

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Re: I have experiment problem


A 30 pin switch for what exactly?
You are not being very specific.

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Re: I have experiment problem

hello steven,
it is general problem of adoreapple, that all his postings lack of precise questions.....
he must be very, very young.... !why is the banana bent?"
it seems he might be talking not about a "switch" but instead of a 6522 VIA and programming such a card.....
- lightshow with LEDs and similar.....
but without publishing pictures and details
- it´s just guessing around with any answer
- and that´s waisting time.....
after all he might come along with a real analog awitch
.... and you still haven´t seen what he has read.......
and you just might have waisted time on typing other kind of replies...


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Re: I have experiment problem

Yes. We need more information, adoreapple. Not sure what you mean about a 30-pin switch. We can probably answer your question, but we need more information. Thanks.