IIe Platinum Video Help

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Good morning (at least it is for me!) Have a IIe Platinum that pushes out video but it is very dim/faint. Tried it on several different monitors and the same result. The monitors all show good video from a variety of II's, including two other Platinums so it is not the monitors or cable used.

Any thoughts as to what I can check/do?

I was always a user, not a builder, so my technical repair skills are limited but willing to learn/try almost anything.


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Re: IIe Platinum Video Help

For starters, as this is old equipment, there is bound to be some micro corrosion on the connectors. Making sure the machines are unplugged and turned off, use an electronics cleaner like DeOxIt or anhydrous alcohol to clean off (by rubbing with some cotton swabs/balls lightly soaked in the cleaner (for parts you can't reach dip the connectors in the cleaner, insert and remove/turn several times)) all the contact surfaces for the video connectors on the computer, the monitor, and the cable ends.