iMac G3 AppleTalk/File Sharing to Macintosh SE/30

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But if I could send files through a phone-line cable (from the iMac to the SE/30), that would be such a time saver.

The only problem is, how do I?

I do have this small box with phone jack plugs, which attaches to the SE.

Any tips on this would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: iMac G3 AppleTalk/File Sharing to Macintosh SE/30

Assuming your iMac has a built-in modem, if you get another modem for the SE/30 you can adapt the instructions below. Any external PC modem will work, you just need the db-25 to din Mac cable. Note that modem communications will not work with the little Localtalk box you've got.

That's probably the least expensive option. Asante Localtalk to Ethernet bridges show up on ebay regularly and you might even find a scsi to ethernet adapter. Expect both those options to be expensive, though less expensive and rare compared to an actual ethernet card for the SE/30.


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