Imac G4 Green Tint on the Screen

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Hi all,

I just got a imac g4 flat screen that has a green tint on the screen. I have tried dissembling it and reseated the monitor connections. There was no difference, I hooked up an external monitor which has normal color.

So I believe the video card is good, but I don't know what the problem is with the monitor and what kind of fix might be needed.


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Re: Imac G4 Green Tint on the Screen

I've had issues with laptops and LCD panels doing something similar. Usually it's a tiny ribbon cable from the main interface circuit to the LCD display panel itself. If a regular monitor works fine but it's not on the LCD panel, then the video card should be fine. Maybe it's bad wires running to the panel itself?


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Re: Imac G4 Green Tint on the Screen

The internal video connector on the G4 iMac is very fragile. It's surface mount, and doesn't take much to damage it.

I'd start there, and work your way up the neck, since external video is working for you.


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