An interesting ALS CPM Card observation...

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Well I tried the ALS "The CPM Card" in the Rev 0 Apple II and it only works with the Apple Language card, not 3rd party. Since I want to keep all the original RAM, I'm using a RamEx Language card that doesn't have the jumper (it does it's own refresh)

I guess the CPM card is looking for routines in the autostart rom. Works great in my Rev 4 Apple II

Oh well, so I decided since I can't use CPM, I might as well go all vintage and thanks to a tip from Mike Willegal who told me I can lift pin 2 on the disk controller's 74ls05 and disable power on reset I'm really vintage now, BTW: I couldn't find a legible copy of the disk controller schematics on line and I just got my original dos manual last week and it's still in the wrapping. Is there any place with a DOS manual with legible schematics on-line. I'm trying to keep my books in perfect condition by not opening them.


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Re: An interesting ALS CPM Card observation...

Hello Corey,
just mailed shematic...


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