Introducing A2-Command - NOW IN BETA

Beta 1 Released

Please see the project website to download.
A2Command Project Website


What is A2Command?

A2Command is a file manager for enhanced Apple 2 systems with 80-column cards and ProDOS. A2Command is very similar to Norton Commander and follows many of the same principles.


A2Command is based on the CBM-Command project. It includes most of the same features:

  1. Dual Panel Operation
  2. Text File Viewing
  3. Copy single files and batches of files
  4. Delete single files and batches of files
  5. Rename files
  6. Create, delete and navigate directories
  7. Viewing text files
  8. Disk Image Creation
  9. Disk Image Writing to Disk


A2Command Project Page

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Re: Introducing A2-Command - NOW IN BETA

Is it compatible with the larger disks on a IIgs? It looks really good. What are you writing it in?