It Makes you wonder...

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I decided that this topic is in conjunction with the "This is Laughable" topic.

This topic asks the question: "Are these people really as uneducated on the Apple II systems as they seem?"

First in what I belive will be a long list of entries:

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Re: It Makes you wonder...

Simple answer is YES. A lot of them do not want bother with any time on anything they are selling. They consider it a waste of time that is costing them time which them = $$.

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Re: It Makes you wonder...

My theory is that these people are not the original owners, but family that inherit them or just people that buy them in estate sales. Once I bought a IIc with color monitor for $9. the monitor came broken from shipping, but still was a great deal.

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Re: It Makes you wonder...

Correct. Most are estate sales and family members. Over the years I've been asked to dispose of a lot of old computers and stuff. And one of the first things I get asked how much I think it's worth. When I give a price, they a lot of the times say, no and go the ebay route - thinking they'll get a small fortune. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

But you're right. They know little to nothing about value or how to test. And you can see this in the text description. An original owner will place a more knowledgeable listing as opposed to an estate seller.

It's interesting to note an estate seller (or second hand owner) uses the term "we" and original owner uses the term "I". The less informed the seller, the more effort goes into the graphical design of the auction too.


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