KeyTronic KB-200 external keyboard for Apple II/II+

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Does anyone have one of these? Googling turns up only a magazine ad on deskauthority. I got this along with a "hand me down" II+ system someone gave me in the early 90's.

The socket on the PCB appears to accept the same type of ribbon cable used by the II+'s standard keyboard, but when connected in the obvious manner (plugging the existing keyboard cable into the PCB) I get no response at all from the keyboard (the power light on the keyboard does light up). It's unclear whether there is a problem with the keyboard itself, with the PCB, or whether I may be missing cabling/additional components needed to hook it up properly. The reason I suspect the latter is that I vaguely recall the internal keyboard still being functional when it was attached, though in honesty that was years ago (around 90 or 91). The system it came with with was in rather rough shape IIRC, and I ended up cannibalizing it and one other broken system to cobble together a working one, which I still have have.

The only socketed IC on the keyboard itself is an EPROM (I'm guessing this defines the macros on the left hand function keys). Because I get no response at all from any key (including reset), I'm guessing I either don't have it attached correctly or that there is a problem somewhere other than the individual keyswitches. There are no electrolytic caps on the keyboard itself.


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