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I'm experiencing Laserdisc for the first time and I was just wondering - Were there ever any instances of crossover for Laserdisc and Apple? It seems unlikely, but I am envisioning something like an A/V add on for DTS or Dolby Digital Surround. The timeframes match up but given Laserdisc's limited adoption rate, I suspect I am just being hopeful.


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Re: Laserdisc?

Yes. There were interface cards to connect certain players.  Pioneer education and industrial players could be connected via serial. Software could then be used to control the player and look up chapters or frames. Popular in education. I recall one disk that was just a bunch of microbiology images. The software was basically just a slideshow where you could choose the order of the frames.

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Re: Laserdisc?

There used to be software for controlling a Pioneer Lasedisc player with a Mac.

It'd be interesting using both a video capture card and controlling software

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Re: Laserdisc?

Oh, yeah. One of my college multi-media classes was spent tinkering with hypercard on an SE/30 to control a laserdisc player.


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