looking to buy a 575 board

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Hi Folks.....

I posted earler about how the battery leaked all over my CC logic board. I decided it is time for a upgrade. I am in the market for a 575 and I think I will try the Mystic upgrade. And it would sure be nice if I did the 640 X 480 video mod as well.

If someone has a 575 board for sale, please let me know.



Portland Oregon

land line:1-503-283-0871

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Joined: May 9 2015
Posts: 62
looking to buy a 575 board - found one!

Hi folks....

I just found a recently recapped 575 logic board. It is in a fully working 575 computer. I just bought it.

I would like to do the 640 X 480 mod to my CC so when I get to that point, I will post again after reading the FAQ.

I still would like to find a schematic which shows each component on a logic board, labels them and IDs them.


jack the new kid in Portland Oregon