Looking for a LocalTalk-to-Ethernet Bridge with MacIP Support

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Hello, everyone:
I have been looking for a way to connect my IIGS to the internet, and I have come to the conclusion that the best method would be to route MacIP to it. I feel that the most efficient method would be to purchase a LocalTalk-to-Ethernet Bridge with MacIP Support. I have been able to find several bridges, but I do not know which route MacIP and which do not. Does anyone have a list of LocalTalk-to-Ethernet Bridges that support MacIP? And, would I only need the bridge, or would I also need a MacIP gateway? Are there LocalTalk Bridges that also act as MacIP gateways?
Thanks, a lot!

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Re: Looking for a LocalTalk-to-Ethernet Bridge with MacIP ...

You're going to want something like a GatorBox. You could also set up a Mac with one of the various IP router software packages.


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