Looking for Monitor for my IIci

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Greetings All:

I have been looking for a monitor for my Mac IIci and I am currently borrowing a Macintosh Color Display M1212. This model would be fine, if I can find another one. But I need to find a good working monitor that is cosmetically in good shape as well. I have been considering a SuperMac or Radius monitor as well.

If someone has one they'd be willing to sell, please contact me directly (off-list). I would need to include shipping to Olathe, Kansas but would much rather prefer to find it locally in the Kansas City Metro area is possible, in which case I would pick it up.

Will consider drive of up to 100 miles from KC as well.

If you have one to sell, drop me a line.



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Re: Looking for Monitor for my IIci


I have one in my storage i will check and see what model it is in the morning and let you know.