Mac Classic and SE/30 Not Saving Games, System Error "Standard File Not Found" Pls Help!

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Hi, I have tons of games on my Mac Classic and SE/30 that run fine but my problem is whenever I go to save on the majority of the games I get the System Error "Standard File Not Found", and then the system usually crashes. Is this a program I am missing or something?? Any help is much appreciated!
Thanks All

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Re: Mac Classic and SE/30 Not Saving Games, System Error ...

Sounds like some system file is missing. I don't think that this is a game related error, sounds more like an error of the Mac OS. Try this one: open the extension manager and choose "standard configuration" (sorry, I do not run english Mac OS versions so I am not sure if this is the right name), reboot, try to save a game status. If this still throws You errors choose a "full configuration" or "minimum configuration".
At least this might help You to outline which file or extension set is missing / deactivated.