Is the Macintosh 128k still obsolete?

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Do you think the Macintosh 128k is still obsolete? Well in some cases, yes. Although America Online would still work! In other sense, if could be still useful, such as writing a document, doing a spreadsheet, making or playing games, or even do drawing! If you do or would own one, how would YOU use it today?

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Re: Is the Macintosh 128k still obsolete?

You could probably still access the internet on it with a shell account and an AsanteTalk bridge going between LocalTalk and Ethernet...

At the moment, the software I need for my 128K is on my G4. Need to hunt down the USB floppy drive, so I can at least get everything to my IIci, where I can do the necessary conversion to 400KB floppies...



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Re: Is the Macintosh 128k still obsolete?


What do you want to do with it?

Write a document or a book? Balance your Check Book....

Then yes and if it still works, then it's not obsolete. Just remember you may be swapping disks about 40 times to make a copy...

It does boot faster than my Lenovo Thinkpad with Windows 7 from work....

Now if your goal is to get on the internet and watch you tube videos, then yep... Its obsolete...

But if you have a spare Mac 128 you are giving away, I'll take it Wink

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Re: Is the Macintosh 128k still obsolete?

Nope I don't, I use MinivMac emulator