Macintosh ii Si capacitor change

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sorry if this is in the wrong section ..

My mac Si boots to a grey screen with no chime or action after that.

The hdd spins but stops shortly after that.

Anyway - after a look at the board its easy to see why. every cap is leaking or bulged or both. So after 30 mins with a soldering iron, all the caps are replaced and the board has been cleaned with IPA. While the board was out i changed the crystal to 50mhz and gave the old girl a small increase in speed to 25mhz,

pic here on my web page.

only one minor mishap - one cap lifted a track , so i had to add a small jump wire to where the track would of gone.


all good, boots up and seems a little quicker too,


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Re: Macintosh ii Si capacitor change


Man, that had to be a tedious proposition.
It looks great. Smile


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