Macintosh parts (some from Quadra 650; RAM, CD-ROM, hard disks etc.)

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I am selling the following parts from a Macintosh Quadra 650. Some of them might work in other models, too (e.g. the CD-ROM and hard disks.)

1) Apple CD300i. Internal SCSI CD-ROM. Fully working. £15+shipping

2) 36Gb SCSI hard disk, 10k rpm, SCSI3 interface, comes with a converter to 50 pin SCSI. Works in a Quadra 650, not sure about other models. £15+shipping

3) 520Mb Quantum hard disk, half-height, 50 pin SCSI. £15+shipping

4) 3x 4MB 72-pin RAM, 70ns. Available separately. £7 each, or £15 for the lot, + shipping

5) 512Kb, 68-pin VRAM 80ns, £8 + shipping

6) Macintosh Quadra 650 case+PSU, fully working, missing one back slot panel. £15+ shipping

7) Mac video to VGA adapter, comes with manual. £8+shipping

Thanks for looking,