Macintosh SE/30 Front Panel

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There's only one on ebay and I really cannot pay $85 + shipping from Canada for one of these...I'm hoping someone has one of these for parts or something ...

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Re: Macintosh SE/30 Front Panel

You may also want to keep an eye out for a whole SE/'ll pay more because of their value (they seem to be hovering around $130-140), but paying $130 for a complete unit vs. $85 for just the bezel may make more sense for you. The LEM Swap list (!forum/lemswap) would be a good place to keep an eye on, if you don't get any responses here.


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Re: Macintosh SE/30 Front Panel

Stay away from LEM Swap. The list authors are a bunch of self important you know whos. Your best bet is here or eBay.

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Re: Macintosh SE/30 Front Panel


I was about to put up an entire SE/30 case on eBay for 45.00 + shipping. I would sell it here for $40.00 + shipping. Back part of Case, Front Panel with Speaker and CRT screws, 4 case screws.

If you are interested, I can take some pics tomorrow and post them up here. Also let me know what your ZIP is and I will also calculate shipping.



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