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Parallax Inc released a MegaROM for the Apple IIGS.
It attaches to the MegaRAM they also released.

Does anyone have one of these?
What ROMS did they release for it
and what do the ROMS do?

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Re: MegaROM

My card was the Parallax TopRAM but I believe it was the same card you're talking about. I picked it up with the TopROM card. I never did anything with ROM card as I didn't have an EPROM programmer that would program that size of EPROM. Also if the card had been larger than 1mb I might have found something useful to fit on 896k but I needed more RAM for system 6.
I never heard of them releasing any ROMs.

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Re: MegaROM


I do not know how many products Parallax Inc
released but it would seem that the TopRAM
and MegaRAM (as well as TopROM and MegaROM)
are separate products. I am more interested
in the ROM products to say what they offered
and did.

There is no information on

whatisthe2gs website.

Maybe I have just come across an advertisement
that did not launch a commerical product?