mUSIC mASTER rPG dEmO Available for download...

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Hello, I'm Tom Porter and I have recently within the last 2 years starting programming for the Apple II platform. I did this as a kid, but now I have rekindled the love affair and am back at it with vengeance!

The MUSIC Master RPG is going to be a 3 double sided RPG adventure that takes a youth who is haunted by dreams of a dragon in a future civilization taking away joy, happiness and music away from its citizens. There are domestic issues to take care of first before setting out on the main adventure (which starts on Disk 2 side A... but there is plenty to do on the first floppy. It is my first real game, and as such I can see how to do some of the things a little easier/better now that I am pretty far into the adventure, but its not bad for a first effort!

The main thing about the Music Master is that it literally rips off a host of other games/tv shows with cameos from a host of characters , so much so we may just get sued! The first ( 1 1/2 discs ) are available for download/trial. Hopefully the entire game will be available in time for Kansas Fest 2015... along with a few other projects.. such as

**VeCaves II- Eat to Survive (Arcade type game where you are a worm in a cave). It is similar to the Vectrex game, but instead of a direct rip off, you must eat your way out of the cave (been in there so long your starving to death)... and not just avoiding the rocks as in the first game** There are also other utilities and creation tools going to be available by KF 2015.

Game demo and other things (contents updated occasionally) found at....
Please give FEEDBACK, its Greatly appreciated. (A few things have changed since demo creation).

Tom Porter
Naspite Labs


Tom Porter

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Re: mUSIC mASTER rPG dEmO Available for download...

Welcome Tom!!!

(aka laseractiveguy)

Steven Smile


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