My vintage wire-wrapped card of excellence. I have no idea what I just bought.

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I buy apple cards not necessarily knowing what it is or does. I only do this when it’s cheap.

So it’s not surprising that I didn’t pass on this $11 new card of mine. It’s a Wire-wrapped circuit board utilizing one the old Apple prototyping boards. One of the chips says “V.2 2E” in blue marker. My guess is this means version 2 Apple IIe? I’ve only looked up a few of the chips and have yet to figure out what this is. Notice the 50 pin connector on the end, obviously for a ribbon cable; all I can think of off the top of my head that’s utilized a 50 pin ribbon cable is the old Sider hard drives.

Could it be an Analog to Digital card?

What I’m really interested in is if anyone recognizes this or is it most definitely a one of a kind? What I mean is does this look like a prelude to any actual production cards from the past, or is it just some ones project?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: My vintage wire-wrapped card of excellence. I have no ...

The parts numbers are right for a Xebec SASI HDD interface. Clone or prototype, who's to say?


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