Need Apple I ROM for Replica I

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I am hoping someone here can help me. I bought a Replica 1 back in October from Vince Briel. I am very experienced building kits and pretty good with a soldering iron. After construction the Replica 1 didn't work. After power on I would get the @ prompt and once I type E000R I get the following:

000E: FF\

Anything I type after that results in getting the \ character on a line and then the @ prompt.

Trying to examine memory results in the same thing:

0003: FE\

Then I just get the \ character followed by the flashing @ prompt after typing anything else in.

Anyways, Vince determined the ROM was probably bad and would send another one. I never got it and have emailed multiple times asking about it, I have never received a reply. I am always nice an polite in my emails.

Anyways, I have given up on having Vince send me a ROM.

1. Can someone burn one for me, I will pay you for it.
2. Or, point me to a cheap burner and where to get the ROM images and I will burn it myself.


David Culp

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Re: Need Apple I ROM for Replica I

Where are you located? And which version of the Replica-1? I don't recall if they had different revisions of the firmware. Also which EPROM chip do you have? If your located in the states I don't mind burning you one over the weekend if I have a spare of the EPROM model. I tend not to have many "modern" ones but I think I have a couple from when I was helping Vince Briel with the ACI for the replica-1.