Need Help: Mac LC II: Macintosh 7.01 Expander Software to Create OS 7.5.3 Installation

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I have a Macintosh LC II with an Apple IIe Card.
I reformatted the Hard Drive with partitions for ProDos and Mac.
Created Floppies of the OS 7.01 OS and installed it with no problems.
Then I copied over the 19 Files for OS 7.5.3 to the Hard Drive......

Now I need the software to Reassemble the 19 files so I can install OS 7.5.3

Got a Copy of Aladdin expander 5.5, but while installing it on the Mac it said it was designed for OS 7.1 or higher....
Did the Install anyway option, but alias it won't reassemble the OS 7.5.3 Parts into 1.

Tried to find OS 7.1, but since it was Sold by Apple and not release to GPU or Public Domain its not obtainable without some financial expense.
Only link I found was the FTP at the University of Calgary which is now dead and had a no robot.txt so Archive sites didn't mirror it.

So can anyone direct me to a program that I can install on OS 7.01 to allow me to install OS 7.5.3?

Thanks in advanced for any provided assistance, advice and Help!

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Re: Need Help: Mac LC II: Macintosh 7.01 Expander Software ...

What sort of file 'parts' are you talking about here? (.rar?)

It seems last I installed system 7.5 it consisted of a number of disk images (count?) and then the 7.5.3 to 7.5.5 was an additional 3 images. I got these floppy images off apples official legacy recovery cd & simply opened all of them with DiskCopy. They didn't need to be reassembled in any way. When you started the installer app (off disk 1) it would simply install as all the nessesary floppy images were mounted on the desktop.

Does this help? If not give a little more info?

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Re: Need Help: Mac LC II: Macintosh 7.01 Expander Software ...

It's possible that it may be somewhere in this large collection of files: