Need some help with my Uthernet II

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Just got my Uthernet II, and adt pro is not playing nice with it. 2.0.1 gives me a config error and does not work, 2.0.2 just plain hangs when you load the Ethernet program and does not work. So i'm going to need some help here. Any suggestions? Undecided


My collection is: Apple IIGS Woz Rom 01 (cards installed: Uthernet II, Sandwich II card, Apple Video Overlay Card, Visionary GS), Apple IIc Rom 0 (Cards installed: Mocking board 4C), Apple modem 1200 (under the phone version), Apple personal modem, Apple imagewriter ii.

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Re: Need some help with my Uthernet II

A couple of weeks ago I had similar problems and posted these at the ADTPRO Discussion forum

I haven't tested 2.0.2 yet... so maybe it's still not fixed. I would recomment that you post your problems at the same thread and maybe David will give some advise


Kind regards from Berlin (Germany)
Torsten aka tokabln