Need suggestions for a Mac LC emulator to run on my PC

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What is a good Mac LC emulator to download and run on my Windows PC?

Thank you

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Re: Need suggestions for a Mac LC emulator to run on my PC

There's Mini vMac; it's fairly easy to set up. Not specifically an LC emulator, but will run up to System 7.5.5.

Basilisk II takes a bit more work to set up, but offers networking and direct access to drives on your PC. If you can track down the JIT version, it's considerably faster. On my 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo running Win7, I have Basilisk II running with an LC475 ROM, and by Norton Speedometer (admittedly artificial) benchmarks It completely smokes the PowerMac 8100, which is the fastest Mac listed on that older version of Speedometer.

Both emulators will require ROMs from the Macintosh you're trying to emulate. Google can help you there, but the ROMs and links to them can't be posted here.


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