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Having been launched in September 2017, a new
magazine has arrived that focuses on
retro computers (Apple II included of course!)
with modern updates.

Link is below.

The magazine has also written an emulator
for the modern age.

At this website:

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Re: New Magazine

I was already using their emulator, they use to call it 'Octalyzer', and it is really good. I'm surprised they have changed the name of it. The magazine looks interesting.


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Re: New Magazine

Yes I noticed that too. redirects you to

Although I would have say that watching
both octalyzer and microm8 videos, there is
a difference in the 3-D graphics.

I prefer that octalyzer version
I think they should have kept the original
name and just give it a new version number
rather than giving it a new name. (Which
I think adds confusion).