The new smartwatch for Mac

You’re eagerly anticipating the announcement of a new smartwatch for your Mac.

Here it is.


The Seiko Datagraph 2001 was built for the Apple II in 1985. Now, it’s coming to the Mac.

Already, factories in China are gearing up to fulfill our initial order of ten USB cables. Stay tuned. We’ll probably ship before Apple does.


Michael Rothe wrote the initial code, getting the watch to interface with Windows. Michael Fincham realized the USB interface could be simplified and is working on a python version of the code. The program can currently be used to load notes and a few simple games. We're hoping to figure out the scheduler, so appointments can be synced from the Mac.

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Re: The new smartwatch for Mac

Hello Tom,

I asked it in october 2014. Do you have more news about this USB cable to link the Seiko Datagraph 2001 to the Mac, plus the software to run on the Mac...
Thank you for your reply

Mark Coppey (Belgium-Europe)