Newbie II GS Owner - Need Suggestions Please

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Hey all. 1st time Apple user here. I've always dealt with Atari and Commodore but have always wanted to get an Apple and try it out. I recently picked up a GS with monitor and 3 1/2 floppy and some disks but no prodos disks and apparently the system disk is not a boot disk.

I've been looking for some on EBay but no go there. I saw a couple of CF disk emulator cards and one one bigmessofcables that runs on SD. Then there is the ADT serial cable I can supposedly boot with while connected to a PC. That one appears to be the cheapest solution.

I'm basaically going to want to load images and compare games with their Commodore and Atari counterparts. Anyway, what solution do you think would be best for that. I'm not sure how long I'll keep this beast. if its as awesome as everyone says I may keep it and upgrade accordingly.

let me know your thoughts all. Many thanks for your time and consideration.

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Re: Newbie II GS Owner - Need Suggestions Please

You can purchase all the materials you need from this website:

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Re: Newbie II GS Owner - Need Suggestions Please


Welcome to the site!

Steven Smile


Steven (gsmcten)

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Re: Newbie II GS Owner - Need Suggestions Please

Hello vespertillio,
welcome to the site.
like you mentioned, the best attempt to get access to floppies and games will be
by transferring them at the beginning from PC to the IIGS using ADT.
Therefor i recommend to read the information requested from the homepage of ADT:
about the hardware connection:
the start of the software:
and istructions how to handle:
and finally the basic entry to the mirrorsites of the largest collection of disks:
the largest collection within one site is asimaov:
Beware about one fact:
most .DSK images are still for old 5,25 disks and have size of 140 kB
but your drive has 800 kB so in general you will have to first search
in general for .po images which are mostly 800 kB.
Most site have special folders with marking of IIGS that contain that larger images.
Therefor its usefull to start with that folders first.
Besides you should take a view to the Apple Documentation Center
and within that site the folder with the entire documentation/manuals for the IIGS ( Soft- and Hardware ):

so have a lot of fun....


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Re: Newbie II GS Owner - Need Suggestions Please

Speedy and all,

Thank you for the kind words and warm welcome. I'll be purchasing one of those null modem cables soon.

I'm also trying to track down some DOS disks for this beast. does anyone know where I can purchase some other than eBay? if I find prodos 6 will sit still be compatible with Apple ii software? Thanks again guys.