Newton 1 or Mimeo 1?

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I've been wanting to get myself an Apple I replica and would like to get your suggestion as to which one of these replica boards to start with.



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Re: Newton 1 or Mimeo 1?

Hello snazzify,

first i´d recommend to take a view at:

I have completed both boards and compared them....

in technical view the differences are rather small
and the Newton NTI is a slight bit better at the signalbus....
the main reason for that is that at the NTI some parts
perform better the given tasks, like the filtering caps....

The differences between Newton 1 and the MIMEO are also very small:
the Newton 1 is a tiny bit thinner than the MIMEO but the finish
has a bit more similarity in color of the silkscreen and some minor details....

In general my argument would not run for decision between
Newton 1 and Mimeo but rather more between MIMEO and Newton NTI !

The NTI replication is a copy from the second ( later ) run of
the Apple-1 and it´s a bit more easy to get matching parts for the
second ( later ) run....

one advantage from the MIMEO is that Mike Willegal also offers
the set of the pprogrammed ROMs and the set for making the ACI.

There have been several threads here within the period of the last
four years related to that boards and boths members, who made that
runs are here present in the forum:
Mike_Willegal and NewtonMike ( Michael Ng ) - so you may get here from that members
direct reply on current availiability of the boards.

sincerely speedyG


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Re: Newton 1 or Mimeo 1?

hi speedyG,

Thank you so much for this info.