non-working Apple //c (Unidisk ROMs) with Applied Engineering Z-RAM board

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When my original Apple //c died, I was lucky to find a complete package for sale on eBay from a quality collector restorer: Apple //c, with AE Z-Ram board installed, Apple Color Monitor, which I always coveted, and the Apple Monitor stand.

I am thinking about putting the non-function one up on eBay, as it has three points for a good sale:

1. If someone has more patience that I, they can probably clean the motherboard, reseat the chips and get it working again. Currently it lights up but will not access the internal 5.25" disk drive or the external Unidisk 3.5".

2. It has the Unidisk 3.5" ROMs from the upgrade Apple installed when I purchased the Unidisk; and

3. I believe I purchased another Applied Engineering Z-Ram card when I replaced the //c, so I would like to sell of this hard to find asset, as well. I cannot say if it is currently functioning; only that it DID work when the //c last worked. Somewhere I have a pdf of the manual, and I do have some of the floppies needed to run the AE board that I could copy.

Is there any interest in such a listing?

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Re: non-working Apple //c (Unidisk ROMs) with Applied ...

If you've still got this kicking around, I may be interested. I have a //c with original FF ROM I'd like to upgrade and the Z-Ram would be fun to play with as well. Let me know.

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Re: non-working Apple //c (Unidisk ROMs) with Applied ...

Yes there is an interest, just put it on ebay with a good description and the bidders will decide who gets it.