OpenEmulator 1.0.2 released [Apple II support!]

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Hello everyone,
it is once again my pleasure to announce that a new version of
OpenEmulator was released.
The highlight in OpenEmulator 1.0.2 is 1977 Apple II support. A short
feature list:
* Emulates the 1977 Apple II
* Joystick/mouse support with programmable axis and button mapping,
sensitivity, reversal, and joystick auto detection
* Supports PAL/NTSC video generation and crystal frequency (14.31818
MHz vs 14.25 MHz)
* Cycle-accurate video emulation
* Support for several character sets
* Emulates the floating bus
* Support of the Apple II cassette interface
* Support for Apple II revision 0 and 1 or later.
* Added the AppleColor Composite Monitor
Some tips:
* Besides the Controls menu and toolbar, you can also press CTRL
+BACKSPACE for reset and CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE for restart
* To start BASIC, type E000G
* You can get cassette recordings of software here:
(to load a cassette, follow the instructions with the recording, or
try LOAD from the BASIC > prompt)
* You can load Applesoft from cassette Smile. You just won't be able to
use HIRES.
* Try entering this in the monitor:
1000:AD 51 C0 EA AD 50 C0 4C 00 10
* As always, you can tinker with the XML emulation description
Your comments are more than welcome!
Merry christmas,
and a great 2012,
with the best wishes,

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Re: OpenEmulator 1.0.2 released [Apple II support!]

Simply Amazing....

Now this is a Christmas Gift Wink

I really have to commend you. Every time I use it, the accuracy keeps putting a smile on my face. Since I have never learned to type I have found it easier (until I get a proper rub-out solution mapped into my keyboard) to work on programs on Open Emulator, then save them to a "virtual" cassette and load them into my Mimeo (Apple I) using the cassette interface and an iPod. This saved me tons of time when I was tying in and fixing up Star Trek for 8k Apple I. Now that you have added Apple II support you are going to make me find space for a real Apple II on my desk to go with the Open Emulator running on my MacBook Air.

Cheers and Happy Holidays...


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Re: OpenEmulator 1.0.2 released [Apple II support!]

I'm glad to make people happy Smile.

Merry christmas,
with the best wishes,


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Re: OpenEmulator 1.0.2 released [Apple II support!]

amazing program, thank you (ill donate as soon as I can afford to)! I can indulge my apple-1 fantasy, until/if i can ever afford to splash out an A-One Smile and Apple 1/Apple 2 running in this next to my //e will be amazing.