Orca/M switching volumes?

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Silly question, but I don't know how to switch volumes:

-Orca/M is split onto (4) 5.25 140K disks
-my source file breakout.src is on my main Orca/M disk 1
-load the .src file into the editor, it gets too large, and I can't save it on disk one anymore.
-no problem, I have a prodos disk, in .D2
-from the editor click CNTRL-Q (quit)
-from the editor save screen hit N)ew (save to new file)
-I am typing Breakout .D2
-It keeps trying to save to .D1

I have also tried full pathname for .D2,,, Orca4.1/breakout .d2,,, still doesnt work.

I am not super familiar with Prodos, so I'm sure I'm doing one silly thing wrong, but can't figure it out.

Maybe speedy is around, he is the forum hero... Smile

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Joined: Feb 20 2013
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Re: Orca/M switching volumes?

For anyone who finds this post, I figured it out.

You can change the default or working drive with the

#set work
#prefix /orca4.1/yourfile .D2

These two commands will get you good.