Power Mac G5 Prototype

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Up for sale is the following prototype:

Power Mac G5 Model No. A1093 EMC No. 2087 S/N: G85242M2T3A*

The motherboard is marked "BARRACUDA", probably it's project name. The machine has an Intel 845 Chipset which makes it a Pentium 4. It was used by the Apple Development Team in 2003 with a Serial No. PT350279. It has a Silicon Image Orion ADD2-N Dual Pad x16 DVI Graphics Card. It has 1Gb PC4200 DDR2 RAM and a 500Gb Western Digital SATA HDD. It boots and runs, but I don't have the proper DVI plug (the Non-Apple version as they used a Dell Graphics Card) to view it.

These machines are rare. Prices are all over the place. Asking $ 450.00 postpaid CONUS. If interested, get back to me ASAP and I'll send you a PayPal money request.

*This Serial Number does not exist according to Apple.

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Joined: Sep 2 2009
Posts: 443
Re: Power Mac G5 Prototype

SOLD this AM.