program working on Apple II / Apple II+

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Is there a list of all the programs working on an original Apple II / Apple II+ ?

most of the disk images I'm loading are not working on a II++
- some just crash
- some other end with basic errors
- some other seem to require resources they have...

I guess its due to program for IIe or later...
incompatible with II / II+

I was thinking that perhaps somewhere a list existed
with the requirement for each applications

a friend told me he had a lot of problems
to find disk image running on an original Apple II

it would be great to have a database of the disk images
with the minimum version of Apple needed and the extension
needed to run the application...



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Re: program working on Apple II / Apple II+

Not a comprehensive list. And the few lists I have seen are all different. None come close to the supposedly 17,000 titles available.


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Re: program working on Apple II / Apple II+

How much RAM does your IIplus have? A plurality of "Apple II compatible" software, including most games targets a standard configuration of a "64k" Apple II, which can be satisfied by either a 48k IIplus with a language card or a base non-enhanced IIe. Myself I've had pretty good luck running most of the games I've tried from places like this on my IIplus, which meets that standard config.

If you lack a language card and/or have an original II with Integer basic (and especially if you have less than 48k) the amount of software you're able to run will decline pretty rapidly.

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Re: program working on Apple II / Apple II+

As long as you have AppleSoft ROMs and a language card, everything before late 1983 should run. After that, some software started targeting a 128k Apple IIe/IIc.


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