Reading old data files from an old Mac

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I have files to be transferred to a floppy disk for the Mac 128k on my computer. Two of the files are called Unix Executable Files by my MacBook Pro. Apparently, according to a text editor, they are empty. Obviously, this is not the case, as they are both 397KB. Does anyone know how to open these files, or how to see the code in them? It's very important that I figure out how to open these files.

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Re: Reading old data files from an old Mac

Hi Tom,

I am more an Apple II guy than a mac guy, but I have a few 128K and 512K macs in my possession. This disk more than likely uses the oldest file system for the macs which is MFS. It is likely a 400K floppy. There was some software from acute systems called TransMac a while back. Not sure if it translated MFS file system though. I can't seem to find it anymore they must of went tango uniform.

Worst case, if you are really stuck, you can send them to me and I will read them on my 128 and copy them off to another format and send them back to you or put them on BOX or DropBOX for you.



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