Real Apple 1(s) VCF East

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VCF East is April 15-17 in Wall, New Jersey. Corey986 is providing a lot of Apple 1-ness at the show.

On the first day (Friday April 15) he is giving a one-hour lecture on Apple 1 restoration followed by another hour focusing on replica kits. He will have TWO original Apple 1s there.

On the second/third days, he will bring one unit the first day and the other unit the second day. Not sure which one which day....

He looked into the possibility (as he posted here: and contacted me just now to say it's a go.

Full show details are at


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Re: Real Apple 1(s) VCF East

For the record, the plan right now is for both a byteshop and NTI boards both working. I will also have Mimeo and Newton on hand for people to compare during the replica class on Friday.