retro-repair Yahoo Group activated...

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Hi Folks,

This newly activated group is a general group, non platform specific group with the following charter

"This group is for people looking for help repairing, rebuilding, restoring or reproducing vintage computers. There is heavy a focus on finding out-of-production components for these tasks. Hints, tips, and ideas for finding parts and ideas for alternate parts can be discussed. Potential group purchases can be discussed here. Bills of materials for vintage computers along with potential sources for components can be posted in the message boards or in the files section. TIps on troubleshooting, tools and repairs can also be discussed."

This new Yahoo group is not intended to replace the wonderful Apple specific forums here on Applefritter, but to be a place to exchange generic vintage computer repair/restoration/reproduction information with a variety of vintage computer enthusiasts.

follow this link to join:

Mike W.

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Re: retro-repair Yahoo Group activated...

Has anyone figured out how to disable the neo continuous scrolling on yahoo? It makes it really hard to read back archives on large groups.