Reverse Holy Grail - Homebrew Mac Mini

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My question: Does anyone know of internal LCD ribbon - to - VGA adapters on the market that would be compatible? My web searches haven't turned up anything.

I'm building a homebrew "Mac Mini" from an iBook G4 and I'm hoping it could drive 2 external monitors with VGA hookup in extended desktop mode. The first is a no-brainer, a Mini-VGA adapter should drive one monitor with no problems at all. To get a second external monitor hooked up and usable in extended desktop mode I already know I'd need to use a 3rd party software hack of which I've seen a few.

Lots of people want to hook up a laptop screen as a flat panel external monitor. Me? I want to hook up a laptop's internal workings into a second VGA port. Tongue

Thanks to any and all who respond. Cool Mac


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Re: Reverse Holy Grail - Homebrew Mac Mini

Can't be done, IMHO. The formats are completely different; for a start, VGA is analogue and the LCD is digital. A more likely bet (but still tricky) would be using a genuine iBook G4 LCD and making up a longer ribbon for it.


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Re: Reverse Holy Grail - Homebrew Mac Mini

Also, IIRC, the video chipset in the iBook G4 can only mirror the internal display. Sadly, the iBook G3 & G4 never had the option to have an extended desktop. (I know this is the case with the g3's and the g4's with the radeon mobility 9200) As for the radeon mobility 9250 variant in the mid 2005 iBook G4's (final revision 1.33ghz 12", 1.42 ghz 14") - I know that there *was* a "hack" that supposedly would let you do it, but I could never get it to work. (have had and revived my fair share of mid 05 iBook G4's.

As for a longer LVDS cable - one out of a 14" *may* work with the 12" display. The 12" and 14" variants used the same resolution of 1024x768 and had the same connections, whether made by Samsung, Sharp, or LG. LCD's out of iBook G3 (Dual USB) variants WILL work with an iBook G4.


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