"rub strip" on bottom of Mouse

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Mine is shot.

What have folks used to replace the strip?

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Re: "rub strip" on bottom of Mouse

depends from the area you live at and the availiable material in your DIY superstore....
in the area i live, i found a floorcover made of PVC for heavyduty pupose usualy used in workshop.....
it had fitting thickness and cold be attached with doubleside adhesive tape.....
it slides smoth along the table and has only minor "wear out"

it´s in general a question of creative thought....


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Re: "rub strip" on bottom of Mouse

The fuzzy side of a piece of self-adhesive Velcro. Cheap, easy to find, and easy to cut to size.

Doesn't look "stock" but works great, and keeps your mousepad clean as well Smile