Strange feedback in Terminal

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I got some weird feedback today in Mac Terminal.

I had tested a auto script with Keyboard Maestro and it worked from beginning to end several times. So I set it up for an event to play at 5:00 am. I had it set up to do a screen print somewhere in there as I telneted to a BBS.

Here is what I saw in the screen print hours later:

Last login: Wed Oct 17 00:49:34 on ttyp1
Welcome to Darwin!
Quicksilver: ~ clu$ tetlenlente [Supposed to be "telnet"]
-bash: tetlenlente: command not found

(From there I will just give the commands that were typed as they showed up)

ooppeenn [open] []

** ggrreegg ggooddwwiinn [* greg goodwin]


Weird stuff. Not sure if this echoing is something to do with terminal, or keyboard maestro sending two scripts at once. Mind you there was only three scripts and only three times listed.

Any ideas?

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Joined: May 3 2005
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Re: Strange feedback in Terminal


Strangely this happened when I had Bluetooth up. But now that's turned off it seems to be acting better now. Seems a bit odd.