System 6 800K disk and Mac Plus keyboard

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Hi all,

Along with a great Apple IIe, I also got my hand on my other favorite vintage, the Macintosh...
Got all of them on eBay, but I have a few issues

1) The Mac SE has no system disks and the hard drive seem to have been cleansed. It boots but I cannot seem to run any program listed. I have been trying to locate System 6 disks to re-format the Mac, to no avail. I have spent the last 4 weekends following guides on how to create boot disks from my 2008 macbook and USB Floppy drive, but to no avail. I now read that because the SE has an 800K drive, I have zero chance of getting any results. I am a bit stuck here, any suggestions??

2) The Plus I bought came without anything but the kettle plug. So no boot disks, but hopefully solving the SE disks issue will solve the plus as well, but I am left looking for a plus keyboard, the one with the telephone cable as for the original macintosh. I didn't expect it to be so difficult, but so far nothing on any source of internet auctions or vintage shops. Any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance for your help

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Re: System 6 800K disk and Mac Plus keyboard

None of the items that you mention is rare, but they are scarce. From my vantage point in the Southern Hemisphere, North America is the place to look for all of them, and eBay is the largest compendium of potential sellers. The screen-names olde-mac-milt (whom I fear that we may have lost), macmetex, vintagemicros, jmorand, ducati860, chocolate-poodle are those of just a few whose holdings are worth checking, as are also the many charitable/recycling sellers. There are others such as [a href=""]Herbs Compact Macs[/a] also.

Failing that, you may need to check back on the sellers at intervals, because all but the System 6 on diskettes (800k/2DD rather than 1.4M/2HD, which differ in film thickness and coercivity) will probably need the softly, softly approach, even if not the big stick.


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Re: System 6 800K disk and Mac Plus keyboard


I too have not seen any items from olde-mac-milt inabout six to eight months. I hope nothing has happened to him.


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Re: System 6 800K disk and Mac Plus keyboard

I too purchased a few things from old-mac-milt, but his site got hacked and then he closed up shop.
You can look up the particulars at: ( ).
Maybe you might find Jag's website handy: ('s Classic Mac Site ).
I did find a keyboard on eBay for the Plus-
( )
I did find a mouse on eBay for the Plus-
( )
I did find a external floppy drive for the Plus-
( )
So the stuff is on eBay if you just type in Macintosh Plus into the search window!

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Re: System 6 800K disk and Mac Plus keyboard

For a boot disk ether keep your eyes on ebay, they do pop up as a complete set from time to time or try:

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Re: System 6 800K disk and Mac Plus keyboard

I have 800K boot disks for both OS6.0.3 and OS6.0.7. Send me a private message for details.