Taking An iBook Clamshell Back To OS 9

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Good Evening Everybody,
Things are looking up for me on the Mac front. I was just gifted with an iBook G4 (10.5), so I am looking to remove OS X from my venerable Clamshell "Tang". The problem is that I do not have the software with me to reinstall some of the applications (specifically Appleworks). Is there a way to remove OS X and perhaps move the system folder from OS 9.2.2 so that the old iBook can boot from that instead?
These probably sound like dull questions, but please know that I have pretty much not messed about with Macs for around five years (not my choosing; was gifted with Windows machines, and did the Linux thing).
Looking forward to your answers!

- AstroRob

I think I've solved my own problem. As I mentioned up there, I've been away from the Mac (and classic Mac) scene for a few years, but it really wasn't that difficult. So simple, in fact, I feel kind of stupid now...
- AR


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