Told you the recent Breker Apple-1 was in bad condition

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This one just sold at Christies for 355K USD. It's still highly modified, but not as bad condition as the Breker one. This one went for exactly what I thought is would go for... 300 to 400k USD

I can't gauge the actual condition of this unit since there are no pictures of the back of the board so I can't see if it has a lot of cuts and rework on the back, but someone back in the 70's got some use out of it. I was in NYC last week and should have gone to see this Appe-1 and taken some hi-resolution pictures, but to be honest I wasn't involved at all with this one so it was more important that I spend a few hours with a friend who was in town from California for CloudExpo East. Maybe I should have, I spent way too much money at B&H on Video Equipment.